Virtual Currency ‘Coins’ launched by Amazon


Amazon Coins are the new virtual currency launched by Amazon today. All the Kindle Fire owners will be given 500 free Amazon coins having value of $5. Moreover, these coins are also available at a discounted rate up to 10%, but the discount will depend on the amount of coins you are purchasing.

Amazon Note on Homepage

On its Homepage, Amazon has informed that the coins can be redeemed for the purchasing of games and apps. Users can avail the discount by purchasing 500 coins for $4.80, $9.50 for 1000 coins, $23 for 2500 coins, $45 dollars for 5000 coins and $90 for 10,000 coins. One interesting thing is that these coins are without expiry and fees.

Amazon Coins benefiting Developers

Developers will earn 70% revenue share when the customers will purchase their apps using the virtual currency. This is the best conversion rate for the developers which are not reported at any other platform. By the use of virtual currency, developers will be reaching more customers.

These plans were earlier announced by Amazon in early February, but now Amazon has launched this plan when other competitors like Microsoft and Facebook are phasing out the virtual currency use.

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