“VZ Edge” Plan Details of Verizon Wireless Leaked


Recently a JUMP upgrade program has been announced by T-Mobile for the Verizon Wireless who is launching an upgrade plan for smartphone. It is speculated that Verizon is going to make an announcement on 25 August for the “VZ Edge” – a new upgrade initiative.

About “VZ Edge” Plan

With the help of “VZ Edge” plan customers will be able to upgrade their smartphones much often by staying on the track of the latest technology. Customers opting for this plan will escape the upgrade fees and signing contracts while jumping from one network to other. This way, customers will get the benefit of the best networks on their latest gadgets.

Other Specifics of the Plan

Although all the plan details are not available, but it is ascertained that, at any time, customers will be able to switch over to the newly upgraded device by paying off just the 50% of the current device. It is assumed that this new “VZ” Plan can be availed by the customers participating in the plan for the device payment only.

However, this step cannot be called as the Verizon’s boldest move, but this approach is something different in comparison to the other carriers.

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