Walmart Offers 20% Discount in the iTunes Store


The season of sale is back, and Walmart is giving the season a reason to loosen our purse strings. The Retail giant has presented a 20% Discount for customers Subscribed to the iTunes service, giving any one with an iTunes account and the reason to go into shopping mode for the same reason.

Walmart Offers

Walmart has offered the signature $100 iTunes card at $80 giving the customer an additional $20 of be redeemed for music, movies, TV shows, apps for gadgets, and any other content they would prefer.

Many Enthusiasts feel it is a terrific deal because even apps in the iTunes store go for less than $5 giving you a lot of free content. When a purchased is made, the electronic card is sent to the customer via e-mail within a few minutes.

What Experts Say

Enthusiasts and Experts alike at PCMag said that, within a few minutes, customers would get the digital gift card’s pin access e-mail. However, it would be more than 48 hours for some cases. Obviously, this offer seems to be quite advantageous for some users since it is mainly giving you $20 free. Therefore, is not it a fabulous deal!

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