Watch High-Resolution Movies at Home with Ultra-HD Blu-Ray


Ultra-HD Blu-RayYouTube, Netflix, and other such sites have made it possible for the HD and 1080p movies accessed and viewed by the masses. The streaming services like 4K are becoming the buzz of the world. The ultra HD Blu-ray specs are completed, and then the devices can be expected before the end of the year. The pros one can enjoy are the next generation object based sound formats. The movies look a lot better at your home.


The discs are upgraded, and can hold data of 66 GB or 100 GB. The licensing is expected to start from this summer, and the player of Samsung should be published at the end of the year. Panasonic has displayed its device earlier this year. Hopefully, it would be a better version than BD-P1000 $1000 that started the Blu-ray era few years ago.

What to Expect?

These are said to support high-resolution video, plus HDR color and the new HDMI2.0a standard. There are lots of questions about the 4K content in the minds of the users. But, till the summer holidays, the clear picture has to wait. Get in touch with us for more updates on Ultra-HD Blu-Ray gadget.

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