Wide Open Verizon in iPhone 5 Allows AT&T Network


All iPhone 5 fans are in for a double treat as the unlocked version of the Verizon services integrated into the mobile device enables the use of AT&T networks also. The Apple iPhone 5 that hit shelves on 21 September has already enamored its loyal followers with the upgraded technology and design. The new disclosure will allow users to access the network of AT&T without involving complex procedures of incorporation.

AT&T Networking Services

The AT&T networking services’ small chip when inserted into the Verizon iPhone 5 smartphone, allows wireless connectivity communication from the gadget to the network. Although the Verizon phone comes along with a two-year service guarantee, the reveal discloses the availability of a second alternative wireless network carrier for the mobile user to draw on.

T-Mobile Career

Other wireless carriers like T-Mobile USA are also on the lookout for integrating with other such mobile products on the anvil. It is yet to be ascertained whether the T-Mobile carrier will also be allowed into the iPhone 5 gadget. The earlier iPhone 4S versions of Sprint witnessed the working with AT&T services, but the facility was removed later from the device. Hang around to see if the unlocking move will continue or will be disabled in due course of time.

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