Will Facebook Buy Opera?


Rumor has it that the big-spending Facebook is planning to buy Opera Software, a Norwegian company that brings out the Opera web browser. Facebook has been gobbling up many companies to extend its reach into the smartphone market. Facebook’s monetizing problems are still not sorted out, and the share market indications are not entirely satisfactory. Pocket-lint quoted ‘trusted sources’ that Facebook is planning to buy Opera for bringing out a popular web browser under its name.

Opera Situation

The Opera browser has about 200 million users across different gadgets– desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even the Nintendo Wii gaming console. According to leaked information by The Next Web, Opera has been on the lookout for potential buyers for some time now. Opera is reportedly not hiring now, which is a clear indication that an acquisition deal is in the pipeline. Both Facebook and Opera declined to comment on the rumors.

Browser Wars

Opera is well behind the leaders in the browser war, which is heating up with Google Chrome finally dethroning Internet Explorer as the most used browser in the world and is followed by Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari. Now Yahoo has also come up a new browser called Axis also. A Facebook browser is quite interesting!

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