Will Sharp Screen Manufacturing Delay Affect iPhone 5 Release Date


There is a strong rumor on the delay in production of displays assigned for Apple’s iPhone 5 to be released on mid-September, this year. According to the news leak in websites, the Sharp manufacturers had to submit the screens for the much awaited iOS smartphone gadgets, by August, but the products have still not started rolling in. Other suppliers to Apple like LG Display and Japan Display Incorporation have commenced bringing in their display screens.

Disastrous Delay

It is an anxious time for Apple as it is not prone to any delay in product release. The Sharp firm has to prove itself in the second of its kind mistake in supplying the required material. Earlier, the company was initially pulled out for not maintaining requisite panel standards for new Apple iPad. The second time delay places Sharp in an awkward business relationship with Apple. One of the main makers of Apple products, Foxconn, is under pressure due to its recent investment in the firm’s production of displays.

Device Hold-up Situation

Technology giant Apple is renowned for distributing products as per its release statement. Sharp’s delay has caused a considerable dent in its association with Apple. Will this divert Apple from its path of on-time iPhone 5 release or will it create a short-supply situation? It is a nail-biting wait for the multitude of customers, who are in line, to purchase iPhone 5.

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