Windows 10 will be Officially Available from July 29, 2015


Windows 10Microsoft has announced that Windows 10, which is the latest OS from the company, will be available in the market from July 29th. However, this new OS will be released in a phased manner. Therefore, Personal computers, laptops, and tablets will be the first to receive this OS provided these gadgets have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 versions in them.


The owners of computers, laptops, and tablets with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in them can apply for an upgrade from a prompt which will soon appear on their taskbars. By clicking on this prompt, users can reserve a free upgrade of their existing OS. Microsoft also has plans to release Windows 10 for handheld devices, i.e., smartphones. But the free upgrades will depend on the carriers as well as phone makers.

The implication is that smartphone and other device buyers can choose to buy gadgets that have Windows 8.1 pre-loaded in them. After that, these people can opt for free upgrades, actually lowering the overall cost of purchasing a new smartphone that comes with Windows 10 in it.


In September, Microsoft did mention a few of the features that will form an integral part of Windows 10. These include a revamped Edge Browser and Cortana. The start menu returns with this OS. The company has beefed up security and speed of starting as well as continuing with the speed, which have been the main reasons for Windows losing its market share. Also, the company has made Windows 10 compatible with different gadgets, be it a laptop, personal computer, smartphone, Xbox one, Surface Hub, etc. Effectively, the company has made personal computing very easy with this version of Windows.


The market is patiently waiting for Windows 10, especially Windows fans. There are indeed many new features and seamless movement of OS from one device to another, which is necessary. Whether this version of Windows 10 delivers what it promises, and delivers to perfection needs to be seen on July 29, 2015.

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