Windows 8.1 will Have Skype Integrated in the Start Button


Microsoft has given a confirmation about the pre-installation of Skype in the Windows 8.1 based gadgets. In a blog post, Skype has said that the user will have to only log-in to the Skype account. With Skype, you can search and add the contacts in the people list-so just by using your fingertips you can manage your contact list.

Download VoIP App

Microsoft has informed in its blog post that this time with Windows 8.1 users will be able to connect and share seamlessly. Till now, Windows 8 required Skype users to download VoIP app from the Windows Store, but after the release of Windows 8.1 update in mid-October Skype will be pre-installed with the operating system.

Skype Replacing Windows Live Messenger

In a recent leak, it was found that Skype would be replacing Windows 8 messaging app in the upcoming version of Windows 8.1. This is done in a planned way as Windows Live Messenger users were slowly transitioned to Skype. Integration of Skype in Windows 8.1 shows a part of the “One Microsoft” effort for providing a unified experience for its services.

Regarding Skype for Windows 8 app Microsoft received feedback earlier also and is keen to receive valuable feedback for the new Windows 8.1 version too.

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