Windows 8 Consumer Preview available for update


It is still a long time before the final version of Windows 8 is released for the public. However, like what Microsoft has done with Windows 7, the company is also doing with Windows 8 as they first released a developer preview version of it first and then the consumer preview. Like Windows 7, the Windows 8 Developer Preview had a lot of bugs and in a lot of cases, drivers weren’t available either. However, when Microsoft released the consumer preview recently, things were a little bit different.

A first impression of Windows 8 would show that Microsoft has done a terrific job in revamping the UI of the operating system. In fact, it uses much of the Metro UI found in Windows Phone 7 devices and in a glance, it does look like an operating system made exclusively for tablets. In some cases, that is exactly where Microsoft sees the future of personal computers would be.

As of date, those that are already using Windows 8 Developer Preview can definitely update their OS to the newest version. A few things are updated such as the Task Manager and a sidebar on which Microsoft calls it charms. It is definitely an update worth doing as well.

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