Windows 8 OS Features and Functions Redefined


Microsoft Windows 8 is to be launched this year with the beta version of the OS slated for a late February release. Windows 7 users can migrate to the new OS extremely easily as it requires the same hardware specifications as Windows 7. The Win 8 view has a series of square tiles that show the status of applications in real time. This out of the box and untested revision of the interface is a revolutionary change in the standard user interface and may be integrated with the touch interface too.

The Microsoft Target

The new OS will run on PCs, smartphones and tablets and the idea of a common interface for all electronic gadgets may now finally be realized. Microsoft assures that the OS is exceptionally friendly with a mouse and keyboard as it is with the touch interface. Windows 8 can run on Intel, AMD, and the smartphone ARM CPUs.

Impact on IT Industry

The interactivity and user-friendliness of smartphones will be brought to PCs and soon laptops with the new OS will flood the market. The enterprise IT developers are sure to take some time to be familiarized with the new interface. Meanwhile, the migration to Windows 8 is expected to be universal.

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