Windows for Smartphones revealed by Microsoft


A day after Microsoft set the technology world jumping around on their toes with the release of Microsoft Surface tablets the Windows 8 smartphones were unveiled which will pose a serious threat to Apple and Android in the days to come. The new Windows OS for smartphones was introduced at an event attended by developers and the press in San Francisco.

The Excitement

The main attraction of the Windows 8 ecosystem that will include the Windows 8 smartphones is that you can experience the same user interface in your desktop PC, laptop, tablet, and now your phone too. The gist is that when all these devices share the same web technology, networking, security, media experience and file system the user experience can be easily synched across gadgets this is a power, which companies as Apple has.

Challenging Apple

With the launch of the Microsoft tablets based on Windows 8 iPad finally seems to have worthy competition and a tricky opponent at that. When the corporate world starts widely wielding slates, the trusted corporate clients of Microsoft may fall for Surface. Although not much can be said now, with the addition of smartphones the Windows 8 world gadgets will get ominous in the Apple perspective.

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