Windows Phone 8 will Now have Xbox Music and Xbox Video


Windows Phone 8 with Xbox Musi and VideoMicrosoft has now linked up its Windows Phone 8 with Xbox Video and Xbox Music.  The company has already linked PCs with Xbox Music and Video. Effectively, each of these gadgets would become comprehensive entertainment devices using Microsoft’s applications and tools.

Implications of this Application Availability

Users can now stream content or purchase it using Xbox Video on their Windows Phone. The list of such content that can be bought includes television shows, and movies.  People can view such downloaded television programs and movies both online and offline. The feature facilitates jumping from one platform to another.

As of now, though, the company does not offer HD content for smartphones. But Windows phone users can watch such content on their Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Windows 8.

Selection Process

Ratings by Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes are displayed next to each content for helping users decide whether the content is worth purchasing or not. People can also buy passes for each season.

It is a case of better late than never for Microsoft. However, the market would still want access to HD content on smartphones, and Microsoft would have to clear that hurdle for sure.

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