Windows Phone is going to Outnumber BlackBerry in November


According to StatCounter Web usage data report, it is expected that, by November, the Windows Phone users would outnumber the BlackBerry users. If this analysis will be true then among the top three smartphones in the U.S., Microsoft holds the third position. However, it would trail Apple and Google phone gadgets by a lot.

Blackberry’s consumer base declining

Since the third week of year, Blackberry’s consumer base is declining brashly at that time it had more than 6% market size, but in the 49th week it has been plummeted to less than 6%.

A Windows Phone community WMPoweruser also said that as in October and November a new range of Windows Phone is expected to be launched it would also accelerate the number of windows phone users.

Microsoft partners with Nokia

Microsoft has scheduled a media event with Nokia on September 5 for announcing its new line of version 8 Windows phones. This version lacks backward compatibility with the latest OS edition, but that would be upgraded to 7.8 version for making its interface Windows Phone 8 like.

Here, also, BlackBerry is making delays in launching the latest OS version and the next version of BlackBerry 10 handset is not expected before the first quarter of 2013.

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