Windows Phone Marketplace in 23 more Countries


Microsoft has confirmed that its Marketplace is going to be available in 23 more countries in a matter of a month’s time. The intention behind the agenda is clear, more crowd more publicity.

The included 23 countries are Bulgaria, Bahrain, China, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Thailand, Croatia, Estonia, Iraq, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Israel, Ukraine, Qatar, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Slovenia, Vietnam, and UAE.

Windows Vs Apple:

And this move has played in favor of Windows. It has increased its number of supporting countries to 63, which increases the list of its lined-up users to 60 percent. Apple is still running ahead considering this by including 120 countries in its favor.

This announcement was made around the same time when Microsoft decided to release its Windows Phone 7.5 Tango. This gadgets’ hardware provides a complete life guarantee as Nokia, HTC, and ZTE design them out of trusted hardware. It seems to be compatible with OS too.

App Hub has increased the curfew time for app submissions

By Next week, App Hub is also expected to accept new submissions for this newly released Windows Marketplace by Microsoft OS developers. Even you can try doing this, you just need to visit the official website and decide which apps to publish.

The apps will, however, be reviewed before being officially visible on the site. Microsoft has increased the deadline for submission to a week considering the crowd wanting to publish their app stuff. WindowsTeamBlog has also reported about its software requiring certification because of local governmental laws in countries including Indonesia, China, Iraq, Bahrain, and Kazakhstan.

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