YouTube Launches Website Dedicated to Gaming


YouTube GamingOn August, 26th, 2015, YouTube took its first step towards isolating gaming from another video recording. Google’s YouTube Gaming will be a competitor to Amazon’s Twitch, which already has a significant market share of the games viewing the market.

What is YouTube Gaming?

Basically, it is an app dedicated to gaming. Watching live streaming of games being played by different players is now a popular part of gaming. YouTube intends to focus on this. So far, it already has such feature, but the move to shift to the dedicated app will make the experience better for game watchers, especially those who like watching others play the games being live streamed.

Market Share

Google is defending YouTube’s market share which already is already threatened by the presence of Amazon’s Twitch and DailyMotion. This attempt will hopefully move some of YouTube’s loyal fans who are essentially into game watching, to the new website. As of now, however, it has no plans to remove game watching from the main website. YouTube hopes to score over its competitors because it is including a new Content ID feature in it, which will prevent others from broadcasting their content. Usually, music content is tagged with gaming content on Twitch. Effectively, YouTube Gaming will have a slight edge over Amazon’s Twitch.


For gadgets world, this is indeed good news, because searching gaming content amongst so many other contents does take time. Unlike it, only gaming content will be visible on the new website thanks to the new app.

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