YouTube Making some Tweaks for Supporting 60fps Videos


YouTubeIt made its 48 frames each second and 60 fps or frames per second facility official. This is good news for games addicts because most of the games require 60 fps and it implies improvement in quality of videos.

Available for HD Users

For the rest of the people including music lovers in gadgets world, this feature may not be all that exciting because the impact can only be perceived by those who are watching HD video made with 720p or higher resolution.

Luckily, this is not the only new feature added by YouTube. It would now allow people to support the sites they feel like supporting using YouTube Fan Funding. Subscribers’ monies can then move to the channels that they wish to support. As of now, though the system is being tested, and the YouTube sites being tested include The Young Turk, and fitness blender. YouTube intends to extend this facility to both Android users as well as desktop users.

Better Sound Effects

YouTube is also increasing the number of sound effects available to video makers. Such sound effects are royalty free. So far video makers had limited choice for this. Video creators can assess the performance of their video with Google’s app called Creator Studios. It will offer required analysis.

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