YouTube May No Longer be Available on Older Devices


YouTube Data API V3It is sad, but periodically, such announcements make old devices redundant. YouTube will no longer support the older Data API. At least, people knew it was coming. What does it mean for old device owners? It means that watching YouTube films on their devices may no longer be possible.

Devices Affected

As of now, Google, the owner of YouTube has decided to withdraw support to some of the devices made in 2012 and before. The list of such gadgets includes smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. iOS devices are also present in the list. However, YouTube can still be accessed on iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices as well as iOS devices that can be upgraded to these versions.

What is the Data API?

YouTube lets apps developers integrate YouTube’s functions within their apps. This is done by using Data API of YouTube. The latest announcement almost confirms shift to YouTube’s Data API V3.

While new features are desirable, perhaps, Google is making its market share more vulnerable. Microsoft is already trying to regain its foothold. By alienating people who visit YouTube frequently, Google may not need competitiveness on the part of competing companies for the loss of its market share. A more phased manner shift to the new version of Data API would have been more appropriate than such abrupt move.

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