The Solar Cross


So I was about to quit my trend of interesting modes of transportation until I saw this inventive combination of hilarious looks and green technology.

Just when you think no name inventors have come up with it all, you see something like this solar powered bike. While these qwerky inventions are great for some giggles, it is quite amazing that people think of these ideas and spend hours of their time and tons of their money on these projects.

The Solar Cross is an e-bike bike and is definitely a strange thing to behold. It takes the standard bike look, reminding us of our first set of wheels as a child, and throws on two large and unwieldy square solar panels.

If you want to roll down the street in ‘style’ then be sure to look at this motorized monster. Its whopping 1 horse power motor propels this bike and is powered by, you guessed it, those fancy solar panels. You can conquer any hill or uphill climb with ease, and long bike rides will be a joy as you go about without breaking a sweat. Just make sure that its on a sunny day, else you’ll be left with a bike that is no different than any of the others strolling about.

Now, I’m not sure how well thought out this whole plan was. If it was an e-bike that ran on a battery that was charged by solar power, then maybe that idea might go far, but this invention doesn’t seem like it will leave the inventors house. No person in their right mind would want to ride about with these giant panels on the bike. Mind you I’m not trying to knock the time and energy spent into creating this bike, and if the person who is using it gets enjoyment out of riding it, then more power to them!

While this bike did make me chuckle a few times, I know extensive knowledge and skill was needed to put this contraption together. If the creator were to turn his attention to making something that would greatly benefit society, I’m sure he can create something truly wonderful!

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