Why iPhone Users Have Twice As Much Sex Than Android Users? (Pic)


I know my blog is not about ‘SEX’ and this post has nothing to do with it either. My blog is about Gadgets and Technology related stuff and this post is something which you can call Technically Funny (Funny in Technical Aspects). Well, I would like to know how many people actually likes this post, so if you like it just click the Facebook Like and Facebook Share button which is located on the top of this post.

I was surfing through the internet and I found a picture with a title ‘Answer to iPhone vs Android Sex‘. At first I thought it is going to be yet another stupid thing which would just be stupid but not funny. But, when I checked it I thought this stuff is meant to be shared.

The picture which I am going to post might look stupid to you but I am sure it will put a smile on your face for a while. You might not lol at it but it is something which deserves a 5 seconds smile.

I am sure you must be waiting anxiously for the picture, here it is -

iPhone Users vs Android Users

Okay, so the image overlooks the Apple iPhone’s call dropping problems and it makes it look like a benefit to the iPhone users. This was something stupid yet funny.

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  1. Actually, it’s more because iPhone users fall in love with the first pretty thing they see and dry hump it, iPhone and sex mates.

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  2. wow!! this article brings a broad smile to readers… cheers thnks for sharing bro… :)

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  3. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    Thought it would be some serious survey or something but it sure brought smile to my face.

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