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Apple iPad is one of the best selling products of the year 2010. Soon, after its launch, the Apple iPad got 2 million sales. The time when the iPad was released, netbooks had a great fall in their sales. The impact of the fall can be noticed today as well. Most of the geeks are giving first preference to an iPad, and netbooks are no longer there in their list.

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There are a lot of reasons which make people think that an iPad is better than a netbook. I have recently conducted a survey on the topic “Why people like iPad more than a Netbook”. The top 5 reasons why geeks prefer iPad over netbooks are mentioned below -

5. Portability and Flexibility -

Most of the people find iPad more portable as compared to a netbook. There are times when people don’t get time to sit and they are overloaded with work, sometimes they have to access the internet when they are standing. The iPad can be used to quickly access the internet, one can hold an iPad in one hand and he can just use the other hand to surf. This thing isn’t possible when it comes to a netbook.

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4. Applications -

Being an Apple product, one can expect a lot of stuff from the iTunes. The iTunes is growing everyday and a lot of applications are added on daily basis. One can download and install applications in his iPad easily.

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3. Accessories -

One can easily find a lot of Accessories for the Apple iPad. So, one can easily modify his iPad and with the help of accessories, one can also turn his iPad into a notebook.

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2. Price and Promotion -

According to the recent survey which I conducted, a lot of people mentioned that the Apple iPad is worth the money. Some of the people are impressed by the marketing strategies of the iPad. People also like the ‘what is iPadadvertisement.

1. iOS (Operating System) -

iPad runs on the iOS platform. A lot of people like the iOS platform, this operating system is user friendly and it just take a minute to steal your heart away. People are a fan of the multi-touch gestures and they love the iPad for that.

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So, what do you think, is iPad really better than a netbook? Use the comment box to share your thoughts. If you like this post, please use the ‘Facebook Share‘ button to share it on Facebook.

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  1. I think the point where the iPad rules the market is with the iOS that it has and the thousands of apps that the App store boasts of… :)

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  2. chuck norris says:

    I’m in the middle of deciding whether I should get a tablet or a netbook and this is what I’ve gotten so far.

    5. Portability and Flexibility – Ipad wins for the ‘I like to lounge around browsing youtube” moments. You can do the same with netbook but its not as portable.
    4. Applications – Netbook wins hands down. There are so many FREE applications that will carry more functions than an ipad app. No need to download ipad apps that are free and limited (until you purchase a premium)
    3. Accessories – Netbook wins. Accessories for the Ipad to make it act like a notebook? Netbook already looks like a notebook. There are so many accessories built for notebooks that you can use on the netbook.
    2. Price and Promotion – Ipad wins on the promotion but nobody wins on the price. Why? It all depends on the person. If you want the portability, pay a few hundreds more while lacking a lot of function. If you want function, pay a few hundreds less but sacrifice portability.
    1. iOS – Good for users who wants to pay top dollar for basics. Netbooks come with windows that could be customized to match the iOS

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    • iRon says:

      chuck norris, at this distance of time I can only say that I hope you had made more research before you have made the decision – have you made it, anyway? Because I think you were lost somewhere.

      5. Portability and Flexibility – if browsing YouTube is the biggest point for you to buy an iPad, forget it. There’s much more to it, believe me!

      4. Applications – not the amount of free apps matters, but their quality! But I think the main problem that you don’t want to pay for apps. That would change with the iOS for you too, believe me. Anyway, not all free apps are limited in functionality and even they don’t push ads into your face. Also, many paid apps have price cuts from time to time (25%, 50% even 100% discount), you can watch them and get them when suitable for you. Even I navigate with an app that is free for subscribers, which costs about 70 bucks anyway.

      3. Accessories – who wants to make his/her iPad to act like a notebook? I think no-one, seriously, or maybe once or twice in a lifetime, but yes, there is an accessory for that: BT keyboard. But as someone said somwhere: “If you’re trying to decide between a netbook or a tablet, keep this in mind: if your digital lifestyle requires serious content creation or management, a laptop or notebook makes a lot of sense. However, if content creation is a low priority, an iPad or other tablet could really enhance the way you consume information.” You decide!

      2. Price and Promotion – you’re wrong if you think iPad is only about promotion: there is real functionality behind and real value. You’re right in one thing: it depends on the person. I think for the average people, to use and maintain a netbook is a pain in the ass. You cannot use it for real work well because its size and power, an you cannot use it so easily, freely, efficiently, on the whole with satisfaction when you just want to relax with it. You can do it with an iPad, believe me!

      1. iOS – average app prices are between 1-10 dollars. Try to imagine a developer, who spends days, weeks or even months to create an app. Don’t you think he/she deserves that money? Who works for free? Do you? Are you mad? Even you can be suited for creating an app, it’s easy to learn – if you have the basics already. Even you can earn lots of money if you do it well, it’ easy – there are millions of user out there waiting for useful apps in that price range without hesitation to buy it or not if they find it useful for themselves. Think it over! No Windows PC can come close to that! Moreover, the Windows they put on a cheap netbook is just broke down more its basic usability, believe me – nevertheless in most cases there is only a basic Windows version on them. Do you know that Apple believe in iOS so much that they have already started to integrate its features in Mac OS X and it is rumoured that they’re gonna change Mac OS X to iOS on the Macs in the not too far future, too?

      If I was unkind, I would hope you have bought your netbook, then you were disappointed in it and now you are planning to switch to a tablet (iPad, for sure). Forgive me!

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  3. Steve Jobs Ghost says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Comparing an Ipad to a Netbook is crazy. Compare it to tablets. For the same price you can get a netbook that has far better hardware specs, bigger screen, flash support. Oh and I’m sorry but iOs is completely inferior to Windows 7 Premium Ed which you can get on a netbook. Windows 7 = free software galore.

    People like Ipad because they are a bunch of lemmings who buy based on word of mouth. If you and the rest of the lemmings did a little bit of research you’d see the only reason Ipad would have an advantage is because of the touch screen.. but this is comparing apples to oranges now isn’t it? Ipad is a tablet.. compare it to a tablet.

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  4. Andrew says:

    Only highly animated anti-Appleites would try to argue against the fact that the iPad is really fun. Games such as TrashCan are made greater by the touch screen experience too.

    However, an iPad is never going to be a practical machine for getting work done, whereas a Netbook is. And you can have fun on netbooks too. So, for me, the netbook has the best of both worlds.

    With a netbook, you can use no end of great programs, including Microsoft Office in order to get some work done. You also have a choice a web browsers (and if you install Chrome you can play Angry Birds too!).

    You also have a keyboard with a netbook, the absence of which on an iPad is not to be ignored. You simply cannot type with the same speed and fluidity using the iPad’s onscreen keyboard.

    Sure, you can plug a keyboard into an iPad, but then you’re turning your iPad into a laptop and the whole thing becomes far less portable than before. So working, let’s say in a coffee shop, on an iPad is pretty impracticable.

    Finally, as someone already pointed out, if you buy a netbook that costs as much as an iPad you can get something pretty special. Or if you just buy a regular netbook you’re looking at half the price of an iPad.

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