8 Million Dollar iPhone 4 vs Your Budget


8 Million Dollar iPhone 4

Apple iPhone has got millions of fans and now Stuart Hughes, a British jeweler has come up with a new iPhone 4 which has got over 500 diamonds and is priced at $8 million.

The new iPhone has got 500 diamonds lined around the steel band and it has got 53 diamonds on the Apple logo which is located in the back cover of the iPhone.

Stuart Hughes is known for remaking popular gadgets for an expensive price, this is yet another add on to his list. According to the sources, only two of such 8 million iPhone 4 will be developed.

Coming to your budget now, do you think it really fits in your pocket? Do you have a budget of $8 Million for this sexy iPhone 4?

I know most of you will say no. $8 million is an expensive price but I am sure there are some people who must be excited to buy one of these.

If you have got $8 millions in hand, what will you buy, is it going to be this iPhone 4 by any chance?

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  1. OVZ says:

    Is it a phone or just the casing?

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  2. It took me months to save to get a simple iPhone 4.. I will have to wait for atleast 200 years to take this one ;) lolzzz

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  3. siddhesh says:

    BTW wat is d cost of iphone 4 in india.

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  4. Karan Bhargava says:

    Wanna Get An iPhone Badly!! Hope To Hv It Soon :D

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  5. Tony says:

    I rather get a nice collections of high end cars like Lambo lp670 4sv, Ferrari 458, Porsche 997 turbo s, Audi r8 spyder, Aston Martin v12 vantage, Bentley supersports, Nissan gtr r35 and still have money left to spend on other useful things :D

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