Apple iOS vs. Google Android – Which one is better?


iOS and Android are Operating Systems developed by Apple and Google respectively. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Operating System’, here is the definition –

An operating system (OS) is software, consisting of programs and data, that runs on computers and manages the computer hardware and provides common services for efficient execution of various application software.

–      Wikipedia

Apple iOS

Apple Logo

Apple iOS is an operating system based on Mac OS X. The iOS was developed specially for the iPhone, but this was later used on other apple gadgets as well. The iOS platform is currently being used only on the Apple products, Apple doesn’t permit the use of iOS on third party hardwares.

Apple iOS is a great platform and most of the users don’t take more than 10 minutes to fall in love with it. The iOS is user friendly and provides a very good interface to the user. The multi-touch gestures of iOS are known for stealing the heart of geeks.

As of September 1, 2010, the App Store of Apple contains over 250,000 applications. Those applications are developed for the iOS. The 250,000 applications have been downloaded over 6.5 billion times till September 1, 2010.

Google Android

Android Logo

Android is an operating system which was developed by Android Inc. This operating system is based on an advanced version of Linux Kernel.

Android operating system is getting quite popular lately. The upcoming Tablet PCs and mobile phones are using Android as the platform. There are several communities of users who develop the applications for Android OS. Currently, there are more than 70,000 applications which are available for Android.

Android OS is picking up the pace and is being used in almost every other upcoming gadget. So, it is believed that Android OS will soon be having many more applications.

[via wikipedia]

Conclusion –

I have recently conducted a survey in my college and I came to know that most of the users like the interface of iOS and they believe that iOS is much better. However, there are many more updates which will soon be available for the Android OS.

So, according to the survey about 65% of the geeks are a fan of iOS and find iOS much better than Android. The rest 35% does have faith in Google. So, when it comes to user-friendly interface, iOS is believed to be better than the Android. I have personally used both of them and I found iOS better in terms of multi-touch gestures and friendly interface.

I would love to know about your personal views, which OS do you use and which one of them do you think is better? Use the comment box and share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Spencer says:

    I think IMHO that people tend to look better the things they like even if there are similar or better features in other competing thing.

    If there are to beautiful beaches and I like one better, maybe because I use to go there with my family when I was a little child or with my friends later; I would say that beach is way better than other one that is regarded best by other people. I wouldn’t be lying, but I am sort of “blinded” by my own (in this case, good) experiences.

    I think the same happens with Apple and others:
    easy of use: my mother (65+, not technic oriented) uses a Nokia and takes photos and uses some features. My father (70+, way less tech oriented) uses an old Motorola and sends messages, manages his address book, sets alarms, etc.

    Apple OS is just a glorified app menu. It has many inconsistencies in its use (as other OSs), but of course, if you use an iPhone you (probably) won’t spot them.

    Android is easier to use. Please, set up a practical test, beginning by stating 4 to 6 typical task to do in the phone, like: make a call, take a picture, hear music, send an sms, manage the addressbook, start GPS navigation, read email and browse the web.

    Also define a couple of important gestures or sub-tasks like deleting the last typed character, go back in the menu structure (or back to the home or top menu), cut and paste, swipe or browse pictures, music or contacts; call someone using only one hand without seeing the phone.

    Then see how many steps, how consistent and easy they are in different phones. I use a Nokia N95 and you will be surprised to know that I can do some of these things easier and faster than in my wife’s iPhone.

    Most of the multi-touch gestures of iPhone work in Android.

    It is true that iOS has many more applications and there are many important ones that you can’t find for other phones; but it is also true, that the very best apps are also in Android. There are even also for Symbian. There are almost no (or very few) apps in Apple Store that I liked that I couldn’t find for my Nokia.

    Not related, but: why do you need a tool (a un-bended paper clip) to open the SIM chip compartment? Why just don’t open it with you hands? Can any one give me a rational answer, please?

    Last time, I was on a un-populated highway and the iPhone was without battery, I needed to make an important call, so I needed to take out the SIM and put it inside a second phone that I happened to carry charged but without SIM. It was annoying to find that I didn’t have any “tool” at hand to open the iPhone’s SIM tray. I found one, a couple of minutes latter. But, how about an emergency?

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    • Alex says:

      I hate to break it to you…but none of these OS’s are as efficient as command based OS’s such as unix on a bare bones…get things done level. But guess what? Efficiency and speed to complete tasks isn’t the only thing that matters. The UI needs to accomplish a lot more than being able to reach the “phone” button quickly or “easily”. I have been using OS’s since the 80s and 95% of the time iOS functions seem to appear exactly when and where I would expect them to be. Now that is saying a lot. i would like to finish with this other important thought. The reason for such a mass appeal for the OS is it’s ability to go from 0 to 100 in usability for most novice, average and layman user.

      Other random thoughts: Fringe apps matter too. In fact having access to fringe apps sometimes makes it breaks it for many people.

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    • jphuff says:

      Bottom line, Android has a ways to go to catch up with the polish and finish of iOS. Any device I have to manually kill apps on, or use an app/task manager on to keep my battery from running down has a big stride to make as far as usability and just plain feature set, let alone common sense.

      Android, via it’s customization strengths, ends up with apps that have no real common look and feel, unlike iOS, so you may be in the position of having a completely different interface for similar products. I’ve seen this already.

      You are locked in to your manufacturer’s app store which may not have the same apps as another carrier’s store. With iOS you have one store for multiple devices and those apps are accessible the same via 3G or wi-fi.

      Oh yes, you can root your Android and do “whatever you want” which brings me to business use where that’s exactly what businesses DON’T want their employees doing. Security nightmare, not to mention liability from copyright infringement, etc. And again for business use, you MUST have a 3rd part app like Trust Digital to adequately secure your Android devices. And…apps like this BARELY support Android right now. They won’t have feature function parity for 6 months to a full year from now, according to those vendors. This is natural when you realize that until 2.2 Android didn’t even support many of the features needed for Enterprise Security.

      Bottom line, I like Android. I think it has a ton of potential. I like iOS as well and it has a lot of potential yet as well. But, Android just isn’t there yet, especially from a business perspective. I think it will get there, but we still haven’t seen Chrome OS and others. I think the market it exploding and it will be cool to see where things go in the next few years.

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  2. J says:

    I have an android phone and I choose it for the carrier. I thought about getting an iphone once, but then did the math. I would have to pay about $100 a month more for the service that I have now. Moreover, the iphone may be nice, but it’s not $100 a month better then the google phones.

    Another major factor that swayed my decision is the Apple company image. The truth is, every time I think about owning an Apple product I feel like a poser. Not only are the products overpriced and marketed to squeeze the change out of your pockets, but there is a weird kind of status behind it now. Nonetheless, trying to explain the price inflation to an Apple sheeple is like trying to make Jesus an atheist.

    My final problem with apple is that they will never own up to their shortcomings. Smug, arrogant, and proud of it, Apple knows what’s best so shut up and buy it. More importantly they have their fans believing it too. I met a guy who was convinced he didn’t need virus protection on his mac. Good luck with that. I’m sure Windows didn’t need it at one time either.

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    • fanboy says:

      i’ve had an apple computer for years
      used p2p file sharing since the napster days
      never had virus protection
      never have got a virus
      50 gigs of music/80 gigs of video
      do the math.
      you can take ur sloppy user interface and shove it.
      obviously apple has ideas in the form of profiteering, but that’s why they succeed in nearly every tech industry they get into (we’ll see about tv)
      there is room for two dominating smart phone os and i think the competition will aid the end user in quality and rate of improvement and pricing

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    • sdjohnso says:

      One thing to discern is that you are speaking of the “monthly” charges which are associated with the Carrier and Plan, rather than the iPhone itself. You can get Droid phones that have similar monthly charges if you hop on with the right carrier, but one of the advantages to Droid Powered Phones is there is more freedom of choice. If you don’t want to pay for it, “don’t.” It’s that simple, and I applaud you for doing what you believe was best for you.

      One thing to realize about Apple is that when you pay for their product you are paying for their idea of what you want. Dwell on these questions for a minute or two: “What ‘Do’ you want your phone to do?” “What features should your phone have?” “How fast should it perform?” “What does everyone else want the phone to do and will it conflict with what I want it to do?” After you’ve spent over two minutes thinking of these you’ll see that most people don’t know what they want or how to make everyone else like it too, but one association has been analyzing this for over 30 years, and has seen what works, what doesn’t, what the phone needs and what’s rubbish.. The Company! They’re smug about their shortcomings, of course, but to acknowlege them would show weakness and that weakness could leave the population questioning the integrity of the product. Apple is what it is because Steve Jobs says it is and you buy it’s products because they are what they are. Get it? And let’s face it, if they actually listened to us completely we’d probably have FM radios in our phones… See what I mean?

      On the note of you would have “felt like a poser:” If you like your phone, pick it up and read the name of the company that manufactured it. You are officially a “Fan-boy” of that company, so congratulations! And if that’s you’re idea of a being Poser, then congratulations on that too! Also, You are now a part of a group of sheeple yourself and you will more than likely stand behind your product which will make you hard to persuade as well.

      Concerning the virus issue I need only ask this: “How many times have you reformatted your Windows computer or purchased a new one in the past 10 years?” My G3 Power Mac is still running strong on the pre-installed OS 9 ~.^ Good luck with “THAT!”

      In closing, your opinions are your own, as mis-informed as they may be, but don’t attempt to hype your posts with insults directed at we Apple users. We’ll only fight back. Also, is trying to explain that you could use Grammar Lessons similar to attempting to convert Jesus to Atheism as well? If not then you could use an intervention.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to any comments!

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  3. Andre Richards says:

    I buy Apple products because they’re extremely well-built and designed (and by that, I mean design for usability, not looks) and because Apple has amazing customer service. I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think of me, good or bad. I know that I have rarely been let down by Apple’s products and their quality and their service so I’m more than happy to pay for that. When that changes, I’ll move on to something else.

    But whatever. Have fun buying things to make sure you don’t look like you’re status-obsessed. I can’t think of a more miserable reason to buy anything.

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    • J says:

      That’s funny, because I didn’t say that I cared about what people think. I even said that I thought about buying an iphone but the price was absurd (in my opinion). But there is clearly an image that apple is trying to sell with it’s products and being a fan boy, or not, you can’t deny it. Personally, I have owned a blackberry, windows mobile, android, and extensively tested an iphone. I found pro’s and con’s with them all. It’s truly a matter of preference. However, looking at the big picture, apple is always about their way or the highway. BTW: isn’t a new iphone coming out…that’s a shocker.

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      • Daniel says:

        Yeah, but who isn’t trying to sell an image? That’s just marketing. Apple’s worked. I think you just like to root for the underdog. I can respect that. I may give the WP7 a shot, all though I don’t think it stands a chance to gain the market share iPhone has.

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        • J says:

          Some, but not all try to sell an image. Nonetheless, apple undoubtedly has appealing products. My (personal) dislikes are the price, image, data service, and can’t do no wrong attitude (among others). Look, if you like apple that’s fine, but do a price comparison for hardware. Then compare functionality between all the phones. When done see what you pay for.

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      • Absolute says:

        Yeah, and there’s no image that Google, Verizon, Sprint or any of the other phone carriers are trying to push, is there. OMG, using a Droid phone will give me robotic eyes! LOL! Jeez people. If you hate a company just because you hate it or want the “little guy” to win or whatever, just admit it.

        Bottom line, you can do just about anything with either an iPhone or an Android phone, just in some different ways. Don’t make it into a jihad for Pete’s sake. Pathetic..

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      • Andre Richards says:

        You said you don’t want an iPhone because you’re afraid you’ll look like a poser and you mention being bothered by the status aspect. Therefore, you’re making buying decisions based on a concern about what other people think. You are doing exactly the same thing as those who buy for the status and the image–you just have a different rationale for doing it. Do you not understand that?

        I find both of those reasons to be shallow. I buy something because it’s a good product, does what I want, is designed right and the company behind it has excellent customer service and a good track record. All of that applies to Apple. As I said, it seems weird to buy based on a concern over what others think, which is what you describe yourself doing, although you deny it.

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      • Scott Johnson says:

        Yikes, after all that testing I’m unshure as to why you’re not shelling out the extra cash for an iphone yourself. With all of those phones and plans you could have owned one iphone for just as long and been just as happy…
        Also, you listed 3 phone OS’s and only one actual phone. Makes me wonder… Hmmmm….

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    • Rob says:

      I had an ios device and was impreessed but how much money steve jobs managed to take from my pocket thats about it. It’s so limited in what it can do and how it does things…one way steve job’s way nothing more. Unfortunately at work we’ve been switched to mac and I am not impressed by either the os or the machine…nothing but headaches, I dont know what magical mac you have, but the one I have (macbook pro bought this year) but the one I use is garbage, along with every other ios or apple product I have ever used

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  4. Mark says:

    well each phone OS offer something different to the other, the only way to see which is best is to use both and then decide.

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    • Scott Johnson says:

      Truer words have not been spoken. Short and sweet. I used an iPhone through my 2-year contract with AT&T. The phone was great, but the service was god-awful, and even worse when we got 3g.
      I currently swapped to an Android Powered Samsung Epic and have been very impressed by the functionality of the phone itself. It has a lot of the Bells and Whistles that the iPhone leaves out, which may or may not be a good thing, but my overall opinion is that the multi-tasking is a total plus. Yes, I have to kill apps every now and then to conserve my battery life, but that’s what App killer’s are for.
      As for Battery life on both phones, after a while it isn’t very substantial. I got better battery life from my iphone for a longer period of time. I’m already getting bad battery life on my Epic.

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      • Scott Johnson says:

        Multitask idea: What about a prompt for every program you close, or a menu option that will allow you to choose the apps to keep running after closing them? What do you guys think?

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  5. cag says:

    So my wife and I had iPhones till we up and moved to Arizona where ATT service is almost non-existant. We changed to Verizon and recently got a Samsung Galaxy S. So far I’ve not been impressed.

    The interface, while looking incredible, is not intuitive. The four buttons on the bottom are a usability nightmare and we’ve already had to take it in because it wouldn’t do a system update (the problem it turned out were that there were too many things running in the background to update so it would just hang and give an ambiguous error… poor).

    The Google apps are amazing, and, like I said, the interface is chock full of eye candy, it’s just that when compared to the simple, functional, elegant iPhone, it comes in far second.

    I would guess that people who are impressed with features will love Android, the rest of us who care about user experience will stick with iOS.

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    • Samantha Fox says:

      “The four buttons on the bottom are a usability nightmare ”

      funny, i said the same thing about the iphone’s lack of dedicated buttons.

      it’s a mobile device. sometimes i need to do things while on the go. navigating with only on screen options means looking down at the phone all the time. you see the poor sods with iphones doing this all the time, face down staring at their “elegant” UI.

      no thanks.

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    • Rob says:

      Uhhhhhhhhhh I havent had any problems with the usability of the Galaxy s you want to do something with the program hit menu…want to go back a level hit back button after a couple of tries it should be simple for even a fourth grader to get. Having to go out of any program and into settings to change anything, thereby losing anu changes you were making…what genius thought that up

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      • Blake says:

        My coworker has a Galaxy S (Epic 4G) the 4 buttons on his are a nightmare, not from a UI standpoint, but from a hardware one. You have tap the button several times before it finally registers (sometimes you get lucky on the first tap, but not likely) My father in law has a Motorola Droid and with it’s physical buttons, it works very well though.

        My thoughts on Android in general are that it still needs a lot of work on the UI. There are too many menus located in differing places within apps, not very intuitive to use, especially if someone else needs to use your phone. My favorite part is homescreen widgets.

        iOS needs to work out notifications. The multitasking they have implemented seems to work well enough, though not the most user friendly. The screen is very responsive and scrolling is very smooth. I never did like typing on the virtual keyboard though.

        I have a Pre and I think WebOS is as good an operating system as the others. The limitation at the moment is hardware. My Pre will lag when scrolling long lists. The multitasking is the best part though. I always have at least 4 apps running, and can switch instantly between them. The gesture area is the most innovative feature, I find myself trying to use it on other people’s phones accidentally, just like I start trying to tap a blackberry screen, you forget you can’t do it with other phones, it just makes so much sense though you can’t help it.

        I, personally, couldn’t say any one OS is the best. I think they all need to get better in places. Basically you should get the phone that primarily can do what you ‘need’ it to do, works in your area, and fits your budget, everything else it can do is fluff.

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  6. mgoblue20000 says:

    I have had a chance to use both OS’s and I just like apple’s better. The interface and usability of the iOS just seems better. My other problem with Android, is the heavy fracturing of device makers. Android phones can run anywhere from 1.5 up to I believe 2.2 the latest release. You never quite know what you’re going to get. If what you will be able to upgrade, many will not due to hardware limitations. The more blogs I read on this and a good percentage of Android’s potential customers, are interested but reluctant to commit to one phone only to find out a week later somebody had come out with a (better phone). Apple keeps this more simple on iOS. iPhone (at least right now) only releases once a year. It keep a alot of the waffeling in check. You’ve no choice but to wait for the next release. Android being so fractured takes that yearly comfort level and knowing if you’re happy, and depending on your need there is no reason no to be with any of iPhone modells. Android is a name, and a product, It’s the manufacturers that are causing be problems for consumer and I think if things get more fractured could make the experience worse.

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  7. Abhinandan says:

    may be iOS has better user experience at present but Apple’s strategy is their biggest villain as of now whenever they release new product you have buy that , they don’t care about customer’s choice

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  8. jasonv says:

    i have played with ios and android. and in the end i picked android. its true multi tasking and notification system is head and shoulders above anything else out there right now. and yes the iphone is user friendly, loaded with apps, multi touch is fun too. but guess what android has all those too. same good core apps (quality not quantity) is user friendly and has multi touch. and with android i dont have to deal with the uniform company like apple. if i wanted some one to tell me how to use my phone and what i can or cant do with it id go into apples walled garden. apple didnt get it right when it came out and still hasnt got it right. android has almost 2 years now and is already ahead and still improving. but as i usually say. to each there own.

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  9. Carl Froch says:

    I’ll take ANDROID! with tons of apps being created daily.. it would over take Iphone anytime soon!

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  10. cj says:

    I have an android and i’ve used iOS for ages prior to my new android.

    I love the features on the android, but I think iOS has a nicer interface.

    I still love android 2x more because i can do everything with it :-3

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  11. John M says:

    Android by far is better for me. I’m a huge techie, and Apple’s draconian policies are too much to handle. Development on the iOS is a nightmare because you are at the mercy of Apple. You can put in a good 80+ hours of work on an app only to have Apple tell tyou no they won’t put it on itunes.

    Also the battery is sealed. Ummm, no thanks I like freedom. Apple’s closed system has more to do with their bottom line than anything else. For that alone I won’t buy their products. Until Android came alone iOs was the best but not any more… A few minutes with Froyo and I was sold..

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  12. mark Strait says:

    Hands on down, the iPhone experience is superior to the Anroid. Better put, iPhone has a mature and well designed OS where as the Anroid is beta. Than we have the apps store, again Anroid is a mess, we all know that, where the apple experience is superior.

    Lastly Apple’s iOS scales across multiple devices, not just phones. Apple has a plan, Google continues to chase and I see them chasing for a long time.

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    • Rob says:

      LOL maybe you know, but the deluded always believe their fantasies to be reality

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    • Reader says:

      iOS scales across multiple devices? I suppose you mean the iTouch? That’s just an iPhone without an antenna, so that’s not really scaling. Oh, you meant the iPad? That’s just a Touch with a bigger screen. Again, no real hardware differences, so no scaling

      How about Android, which _actually_ scales across several devices. Android is being run on tablet PCs, televisions, set top boxes, etc, etc.

      This might be the worst argument I’ve ever seen. iOS DOES NOT scale, and Android does. Because Android is open and available for any developer to tinker with and place on new hardware.

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  13. William says:

    I recently purchased an Android phone and I love it!! I find it to be easy to use and feature rich. I must be honest. I haven’t used an iPhone before and may very well like it if I did so, but I feel that it’s kind of a slap in the face of consumers when Apple decides to make their technology only available through a particular service provider. As a consumer I want choices and Apple just doesn’t deliver on this front. If there is another technology that does it at least as good as Apple (Android) and offers me tons of choices in terms of service provider and hardware then that’s where my loyalties are.

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  14. Aeiluindae says:

    I recently bought an HTC Desire. I’ve never used an iPhone, but I’ve played with many an iPod Touch. I hate the iOS keyboard. It’s just as bad as the stock android keyboard, even though it is prettier. HTC’s Sense keyboard and Swype beat it hands down in my opinion. On iOS, basic tasks are easy, but when you try to do anything above and beyond, I found things much harder. On Android, there’s just a different philosophy and I like having that much more flexibility in my device. And Android 2.2 is very attractive-looking.

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  15. Slava says:

    Well, my employer sells Android-enabled TV’s and invested millions of euro into it, my personal phone has Android on it, my friend just came back from China with $100 Android tablet… hmm… so hard to choose between Android and what was the other one?… 🙂

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  16. Charlie says:

    I much prefer iOS, personally.

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  17. Dl says:

    Honestly I was always a windows user and I have a Windows tablet computer that I just LOVE that being said I purchased an ARCHOS for portability it’s amazing storage, and recording TV, I still love that too, but I do love iPod and phone and iPad.

    The odd thing is I tried 4 android devices which I ended up returning before I tried anything Apple or Mac. I feel as if there are so many companies and Operating System ? is that the word I want? with android that they don’t feel stable to me as my iPad does, it’s not going anywhere or won’t disappear overnight as one of my android devices did.

    So many of us have iPad’s really not looking for anything new, I know we’re not checking new Tablets out we are very happy, that led us to our First iMac computer and windows is dead to me now, I LOVE MY IMAC too so yes I am a new Apple fan, brand new hmmm
    perhaps Ipad3 out in October?? LOL

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  18. Junk OS Hater says:

    Both Os’s are pieces of garbage made by people who want your $$.

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  19. You cannot be a geek AND an iOS user at the same time. A real geek will not settle for an OS that is buttoned down by somebody who thinks you are too inept to toy with what lurks behind the gorilla glass. An OS that blatantly prevents you from doing anything that THEY don’t want you to do is for lame consumers not geeks. An OS that blatantly disables or excludes features and software from competitors is not for geeks and is akin to consuming TV programming.

    Android is the way to go. Let’s hope Kindle and Nook don’t kill it by turning it into another OS for dummies.

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