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Audio Books

Many of you must be aware of this fast-growing, modern and futuristic concept of Books already – Audio Books. This article is aimed mainly at spreading the power and utility of Audio-books to the people, especially the ones obsessed with reading, like myself.

Let’s start with the basics-

What is an Audio Book?

-An Audio book is nothing but an Audio representation of a book originally written and published by an author, on Paper.

-It is generally an Audio recording of a text read by a real person. It is sometimes also produced by a computer-generated-reader, though this form of Audiobooks is not very popular.

Where can you get an Audio book from?

-Audiobooks are available in CD’s & DVD’s and can be found at any outlet that deals in entertainment media.

-The most popular way to get an Audio book is to purchase and ‘download’ it online, directly to your device( PC/MAC etc) capable of running the Audio book.

What kinds of Audiobooks are available out there?

-All kinds of books, ranging from novels, articles, journals and even courseware books for students.

-They are generally in popular digital formats like MP3, WMA etc.

Audiobooks Vs Paper-Based-Books

This might be the most debatable topic in this regard. People who are big fans of reading since ages often argue against the concept of Audiobooks, but I guess it’s time they open their eyes to the utility and ease that Audiobooks have brought to the reading world. When was it ever possible to read a book while driving a car, on a morning jog in the park, waiting at the Dentist’s lounge for your appointment? Listeners are now opting for convenience. In the age of multitasking it’s a blessing in disguise. In spite of all the life-changing arguments, it’s agreeable that the paper-back version of books gives u the ability for easy pausing n pondering over a specific part of the literary piece, according to one’s own personal interpretation, speed and intellect. Concluding, what is better – An Audio Book or a Paper-based Book? I leave the decision on the readers.

A few other Advantages

-Vital for the visually impaired, or people with weak eyesight. They don’t miss out on the world of literature because of their disability .It’s a healthy habit for even for those with good eyesight as it helps avoiding stress on eyes and prolonged bad body postures.

-And of course, it SAVES PAPER. Paper is an endangered natural resource and a grave concern of this century. Many organisations are looking for alternatives to save paper. Millions of books are printed and sold every day. Imagine how much paper could be saved in only a day if all of us switch to an electronic version of the same book. Definitely, here’s some food for thought.

-It is helpful to develop a better understanding of the language for people new to a language, that is, the pronunciation, the phonetics of it.

-Listening to an Audio book together with Friends or with family can be a family-bonding activity, not to mention, the fun of it.

-With Tablets like the Apple iPad and WeTab being launched, reading(or listening, u might say) is more portable and easier than ever before.

With the growing popularity of Audiobooks, I wonder if kids would still have to force their grandmas into telling them their bedtime stories and if Audio books would replace them, 5 years down the line. Who knows?

Some popular Audiobooks present in the market

- The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling

- The Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer

- The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

Some popular sources of Audio books

- The iTunes Audiobooks library by Apple Inc.

- Amazon Audiobooks store, the online shopping portal, and many more.

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  1. Rakesh says:

    They are the best formats of books, though costs higher but very beneficial.

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  2. Cambridge says:

    They are a nice alternative to listen to on a car ride as well.

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  3. karin says:

    I love audio books. I have been getting them from the library for many years. Now you can download them to your ipod at no cost (most of them at least) through your library. It is absolutely spectacular.

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  4. This is something new to me,I will give it a try.

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  5. SpeanRead says:

    I like listening to audio-books, but I find it’s tedious to get them from the library or to look for and upload them from internet.

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