BCI Technology Taken To New Level


Have you ever heard of Lou Gehrig’s disease? It is commonly known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and leaves people who suffer from this disease severely paralyzed to the point that some are only able to move their eyes. Thankfully this is another story about how science is being used to help improve healthcare.

You may already be familiar with BCI or Brain-Computer interface technology. Well, researchers are taking this to a whole new level. Over in Europe, there is a project called Smart Homes for All that is utilizing smart-home and BCI technology and combining it with online gaming. This can allow users to use their brain to trigger commands with the BCI to do things such as use Second Life, Twitter, turn on lights, post online, answer the phone, adjust the thermostat, and many more.

For the user to activate a command they focus their attention to an icon on a screen. This technology can be a godsend for many paralyzed individuals since G.Tech is working on incorporating this technology on their wheelchair to help give them freedom to go where they want.

Hopefully sometime in the future people with severe paralysis will be able to live somewhat on their own and regain some independence. Rather than relying on an aid to perform all of their daily living tasks, they can enjoy the freedom to do it themselves!

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