Hi Tech Glasses For Those With Limited Eyesight


Vision is something that most people take advantage of every day. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with being our ability to see 20/20. Imagine not being able to distinguish facial features, see objects right in front of you, or even have accurate depth perception. Those with eyesight impairments have to live with these disabilities everyday. Take a look at the pictures below and imagine having to see the world like this.

Finally steps have been taken to develop glasses that will allow people with poor vision to begin to see the world again.

Oxford researchers have developed prototype glasses that display vital information to the wearer through the lenses. The glasses are outfitted with cameras on the edges of them and the lenses have small lights (for people with macular degeneration and other conditions). Also, there is a multitude of technology jam packed into these glasses. On top of depth sensors, position trackers, facial detection software, and much more, these glasses, while they look a little ungainly, are set to help numerous people with a wide variety of eyesight problems.

So how do they work? The users will be sent flashes of information, which they will have to get used to, that will help them detect objects, depth, faces, and colors. Also, the data is processed by a mini computer like receiver that fits inside of the users pocket.

Prototypes are being developed as we speak and the researchers state that the glasses can cost around $800 someday!

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