IBM builds the largest “HDD” in the world – 120 petabyte


IBM is back when it comes to achieving real monsters to “swallow” the data. Now the company wants to build the largest storage facility in the world that brings together no less than 200,000 hard-drives that will work together.

The result? 120 petabyte of storage, enough space to “store” no more than 24 billion songs in MP3 format. Now, do not think that will pick up such a hard and crammed it in the PC case from your home. No chance.

What can be done with such a huge mega structure? Research and simulation and other interesting things. Do not forget that in the near future, traditional storage on the HDD of PC or laptop, will disappear almost completely, leaving free place to the cloud technology now perhaps best represented by systems owned by Google, Picasa or Google Docs services.

IBM developed the system for a client whose name has not been made public, but will use the technology to perform complex simulations.

Do not forget that the technology is still increasing and the huge amounts of today tomorrow will be handy. Bill Gates said in the ’70 “640K is enough for everyone” in the ’80s said “DOS uses 1 MB of RAM because no one can ever imagine an application that can consume more”. And if you read this from the year 2031, you are probably still laughing at the title.

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