iPhone Next G – The Next Generation iPhone Concept [PICS]


Samuel Lee Kwon has come up with a futuristic idea. This idea assumes the Next Generation iPhone.

The concept shows an iPhone tied on the wrist. One can see the projection of the display on his palm and can operate it from the wrist.

You can check the pictures of this concept below –

iPhone Next GNext Generation iPhone

Do you really think that there will be a day when we will actually see something like this? Use the comment box to share your thoughts with us.

[via yanko design]

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  1. Ryan says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t see it working. The picture quality would be horrible on your hand and for people with small hands or thin fingers the picture would be too broken.

    It seems everyone nowadays has a very similar design which is a full touch screen on a thin rectangular brick. It’s great to see you thinking outside the square but I think we need some other ideas.

    I think a phone with a full screen on both sides would be funky. No matter which way you put it down it’s the right way up. In a call and need to quickly access something, flip it over, the action activates speakerphone and brings up your normal apps etc. I can see many ways that a dual screen phone could offer intuitive and natural gestures.

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    • Akash Malik says:

      You have got a good point there mate.

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    • david says:

      a neat and very futristic idea one worthy for a sci-fi movie. i can think of a more sinister and chilling not to develop this. the front door in developing bio-tech implants for the human body.
      imagine having all of this technolgy embedded in your body all for the purpose of making our lives more connected to the gadgets we can’t seem to live without. the government would eventually regulate,tax,and control this emerging techonolgy and ultimately………………………YOU!!!!!!!

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  2. SLK says:

    thank you for the interesting views

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  3. Anwar says:

    Don’t use your hand to display it. But you should use thin air in front of your face. It would be cool.

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  4. BRANDON SMITH says:

    what if you dont have all your fingers does that mean u cant run as many apps?

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  5. Bubba says:

    The enegy required for a projection is much higher than a regular display. So battery life would be terrible. Also, you would need a very, very powerful projector light to allow the display to be seen in bright daylight. At that point, you would need to control the heat from the projector lamp (even if it is an LED). Once you get into thermal managment issues, you really suck up the energy and batterly life would be very short and one could possibly get burns on their wrist. Short battery life, burn risks, difficult-to-see projected display in bright sunlight and the previously mentioned uneven display on a human hand makes me think that it is not a good concept.

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  6. Gampang says:

    I really miss the old days. No need to have any phone.. Hahha

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