MS Declared the Final Date for Windows RT in Surface


Today the leading tech company, Microsoft, announced the final date till which its surface tab will support its latest mobile operating system Windows RT. They declared the 11 Apr, 2017 as the last date till when the Windows RT would be mainstream OS for Microsoft Surface tablet.

However, the support for just 4 and a ½ yr is somewhat unusual for MS since the general anticipation of Windows OS support is 5 years. Additionally, they release regular security as well as software updated for the OS and the dev teams do have around 10 years time. Microsoft has declared the date for its tab but the date for Windows RT is still to be confirmed therefore all it depends on the development of the both of these; tab and OS.

If we consider the competition in tablet market, MS has come up with something that beats the competitors like Apple and Amazon. Just for instance, the iPad have been locked for the support of iOS 6. However, the situation for Android is a bit critical though. Most of the Android users don’t have latest Android OS Jelly Bean or even some don’t have ICS too. Gingerbread is still powering the most of the android gadgets running in the market.

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