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Never keep your documents and personal data in one place!

Why is it important to backup your data?

The simplest and most objective reason is that sooner or later, the hard disk drive (HDD) will break, being the most physical component inside any system be it a PC desktop or laptop. Of course, the data can be recovered in most cases because when the unfortunate event occurs it actually hides the sudden appearance of a major defect of mechanical or electronic part, things may change, but in specialized laboratories, operation involving mostly high costs especially for an ordinary user.

There are times when access to your hard disk suddenly becomes impossible because of errors that may occur from either the operating system infected with malicious software or as a result of failures mismanaged by the power source. We want to assist you in understanding the importance of backup operations by providing methods by which your data will remain accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Online backup

A topical solution that saves you from the issues mentioned above but in most cases there are additional costs in the form of subscriptions. The Internet is full of such deals being impossible to mention any such service as “the best”, a simple search on Google for “online backup” will bring you hundreds, maybe thousands of such deals which you can choose one tailored to your needs.

Of course, we have free versions such as Windows SkyDrive, part of the Microsoft Windows Live suite gives 25 GB of storage and automatic synchronization of data provided we have a Microsoft Live ID account. The best commercial services that we trust are the guys from Tapnet Online Backup with as low as $24.50/Year with a space of 500 GB helping your backup 3 computers, not lacking essential functions such as automatic or scheduled backup, synchronization, data encryption, iPhone and Android apps. The best thing here is that they have a free 30 day trial, so what are you waiting for?


  • Theoretically unlimited space
  • Accessible from anywhere and on any device that connects to the internet
  • Customized as needed

NAS Backup

It’s a device called a Network Attached Server/Network Attached Storage. From a relatively short period (3-4 years) manufacturers of such equipment seized their potential not only in the business but also for end-user coming with more and more models and solutions to meet an obvious increase in demand.

A NAS is something less than a classic server, and usually lower as its computing power but a with friendly mode of operation and with functions that makes it to integrate quickly in a household where there are also other devices such as HTPC, smart TVs, smartphones, consoles and at least one computer. A NAS allows thanks to its operating system that is based on Linux changed so as not to scare even platinum blondes, that through its complex backup operations to be automatic (and manual) and most importantly, the data become available to any device that can connect to the local network, LAN/WiFi or via external browser.

Furthermore, because we said that NAS is “something less than a classic server” by a few clicks you can install and activate specialized services such as FTP server, download manager plus a vast majority of applications running on server equipped with Apache + MySQL + PHP. Such a backup can also be found on Tapnet NAS for as low as $129.50/year, having a space of 2TB including unlimited transfer speed as well as bandwidth and service and support among many others.

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