New MacBook Air processor and Thunderbolt support


The ultra-portables number with Sandy Bridge processor is growing in the market, but the MacBook Air is not among them. As we are accustomed, Apple delayed the implementation of these cutting-edge components. Today we learn that the following month, the thinnest ultra-portable will receive new CPUs. It is assumed that will be three models with dual core, with frequencies between 1.7 GHz and 1.8 GHz.

Apple should have known that the new processors provide am increasing performance and slightly reduce the fuel consumption, two important features for the ultra-portables segment. But that does not mean that Apple did not stay to test the Sandy Bridge processors to ensure that they are the perfect solution for a laptop as thin as MacBook Air.

Another update that MacBook Air will get the next month will be the Thunderbolt port. We do not know how and where they managed to find free space for this port for the model 11.6″, but certainly we will see in a month. Maybe they peaked at the new Sony VAIO Z and see what can be done with a Light Peak port. And about pricing, they probably will not be so high. Just wait and see.

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