Robots Can Teach?


You’ve seen the movies about the rise of robots and their attempt to take over the world from the grasp of human hands. I Robot and the Terminator series set the fear of a robot apocalypse firmly in all of our minds. Thought it was impossible? Think again! Meet your android friend Kiro.

Kiro is a robot that teaches young Korean kindergarteners and also has a plethora of knowledge about a Russian painter known as Kandinsky. It was developed by the Korean Robot Research Institute and has a bright blue smile, and a stomach outfitted with a monitor to help teach children. During the day he stays in the classroom and entertains the children with interactive games and educational videos. After he’s done he goes to the Don-A University Museum where he strolls about the art gallery providing visitors with useful information about the pieces featured there.

So is the robot apocalypse closer than ever? With robots now teaching our children, who knows! You decide!

Here is the video of Kiro, sorry its only available in Korean

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