Senseg created the first silk touch screen


Senseg is the Japanese company that has managed to create the first working prototype of a touch screen with an amazing sensory function.

More specifically, this screen surface can play a variety of physical sensation on a touch, imitating the texture of objects on the screen.

The screen named “Feel Screen” works by applying electrostatic fields that are felt to the touch and also read some real tactile sensations. According to the company, producing the effect is achieved by creating and controlling a small attractive force, occurring between the surface of the screen and the user’s fingertips. The simulation of this technology allows a wide range of textures and effects such as rough surfaces, edges and vibration.

Senseg promises that we can enjoy new sensory experience regardless the screen size of the device. As advantages, the new technology can improve your experience using touch keyboards, adding a noticeable separation between the virtual keys represented on the screen.

Some commercial versions of the screen “Feel Screen” are ready for mass production even during the next year, but the first devices incorporating such a screen will appear in stores probably not earlier than 2013. Stay tuned for more details about Senseg.

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