Sharp Reveals 4K Display Technology Developed by it for Smartphones


Sharp 4K display technologySharp announced a new technology developed by it for ultra-high definition images on smartphones.  The Japanese electronics company showcased this new development at China Information Technology Expo, which was held in Shenzhen.

What is 4K Technology?

4K technology or ultra high definition technology increases the pixel density per inch to a predefined level. Sharp managed to increase the pixel density to 803 pixels in every inch. This was done by achieving high resolutions of 3860 by 2160 on the display screen of 5.5 inch.

What does it mean for Gadgets World?

The technology will improve images and give sharper pictures. It will revolutionize graphics and many other things. But the biggest gain is it will orient the developments in stagnant smartphone markets towards superior display models. As of now, required technology for absorbing this development into smartphones is not around.

While the development is worth applause, the market may only experience it after a few quarters or even more. Sharp has clearly mentioned that it does not have immediate plans for smartphones with this technology.  But the announcement is enough to bring down prices of smartphones since the course for future devices is already charted. Old techniques lose value every time a new technology comes into the market. This means smartphone manufacturers will be in a rush to sell their devices at a discount before the new technology makes them worthless.

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