Street Legal Car Breaks World Records


A new Guinness Record was set on June 17 of this year. A heavily modified 2006 Ford GT was driven by Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing. This street legal car peaked 223.42 miles per hour on the track when it was being recorded, breaking the previous record. Johnny Bohmer has much higher expectations for his car and plans to set the bar even higher with a 300 mph record. On June 16th the owner stated he had the Ford GT going at 260 mph.

Since the car is street legal, this makes the achievement even greater. When you hear street legal, know that it means that the car can be driven on a day-to-day basis down public streets. Street legal cars must have air, proper seating, and need to be insured. Plenty of modifications are allowed to cars but they are somewhat limited if you want to keep your car ‘street-legal’. Imagine driving that baby to the grocery store!

To top it all off, this record was broken on NASA’s 3-mile long runway at the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida. The runway has hosted a multitude of races and it is also where the orbiter lands, flying down the runway at only 220 mph.

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