Syte Shirt Introduces Smartphone Holding Tee


Syte Shirt Smartphone

Syte Shirt has come up with a new Tee which can hold a smartphone  either horizontally or vertically. This T-Shirt not only holds a smartphone, but also prevents it from dust and water.

This is the new generation Tee which could go viral. It must already be having a lot of fans and I am the newest fan. I am sure you’ll love it too. FYI, this is a hand-made Tee which is developed in San Diego. This Tee can hold an iPhone or any other smartphone you own. The tee has got a zipper to avoid downfalls and theft.

People can still use the phone as it accepts the finger touch. So, you can name it as a tech-tee which can actually hold your smartphone and can protect it from damage.

[via engadget]

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