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The all new Blackberry Torch has been created with every customer’s needs in mind and both the icons and graphics have been produced to work the way each individual does so. In order to answer all users needs the Blackberry 6 supports a more intuitive menu style than ever before.
Not only has this handset been designed with the customer in mind, it also operates on a substantially revamped UI and new, Webkit-powered browser.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Blackberry Torch is the layout and that it appears to be the current produce of all existing BlackBerry handsets and that it differs just a little in that the phone slides open. Other than that it still offers the same infamous Blackberry style and design. This is good news for those that are fans of the business-like look of such a handset.

Both the dimensions and the form of the Blackberry Torch are almost identical to that of the Blackberry 9700, measuring 4.4-inches up and down by 2.4-inches across when closed. The thickness differs by a small amount, the Blackberry Torch measures 0.57-inches thick, whilst the Bold has dimensions of 0.56-inches thick. Despite this the Blackberry Torch feels much more significant and solid to hold. This is possibly due to the full slide out QWERTY keyboard that has been adopted by the new model.

The Torch sports the infamous metal-like bezel around the edges of the phone, which is again the signature style of most Blackberry’s, especially the Bold, the only difference is that the metal edging appears to be separated into two sections due to the separate screen and keyboard sections of the phone. The entire front of the phone offers a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen that is 480 x 360, just as the Storm and Storm2 are. Housed on the front of the screen are all your standard features such as BlackBerry call, menu, back, and end buttons and then there is the optical trackpad, this is situated just below the display.

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  1. Bligbook says:

    wow…blackberry with new features……

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  2. CataMobile says:

    I read another review of this device, where the author give very unflattering comments about Blackberry Torch, cited the case when the phone blew up in the hands of the user.

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