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Apple iPhone has been one of the best selling mobile phones all over the world, but have you ever thought about the reasons why people give first preference to iPhone? Most of you must be knowing about the iPhone 4 antenna flaw, but people are still buying it. I am sure that none of you would have figured out the reason behind the same. There are many features which attracts the users, but here are the top 3 reasons why people choose iPhone instead of any other phone –

3. Apple Product –

Apple Inc is a multinational corporation based in America. This company has a goodwill all around the world. Apple always comes with a futuristic idea and implement it so well that people just fall in love with it. So, being an Apple product, iPhone gets more preference when compared to the other phones. This could be one of the reasons which tilts the buyer towards Apple iPhone.

2. Applications –

iPhone runs on the iOS and there are thousands of applications which are available for this operating system. Symbian has got a lot of applications too, but they stand nowhere when compared to iOS applications. Android is now picking up the pace, but iOS applications are still believed to be the best.

1. Status Symbol –

Apple Inc is a global brand which is known all over the world. iPhone is spreading like a virus all over the world and it has proved that it is better than the rest. After being one of the best selling phones, it is now a status symbol for people, so above all ‘Status Symbol’ is yet another reason for the increasing sales of iPhone.

Update – User interface is yet another reason and I tried to cover up that thing within the application part. The user interface of an iPhone is seriously awesome and I just love it.

So, if you haven’t thought about this particular topic, you should give it a shot. You can always use the comment section to share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Daria says:

    I personally have used the Motorola Droid and the HTC Incredible. I went with the androids because they were supported by Verizon and my company pays for Verizon.

    They also are a google platform – and our company email is through google.

    They have a flash on the camera (which the 1st iphones didn’t).

    And lastly, a lot of the apps are free since Google supports open source… I liked that.

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    • Amanda says:

      iOS is a good platform.
      new iPhone has flash (on/off/auto)
      There are tons of free apps in the AppStore

      The question to you Daria is if your work wasn’t paying for the phone, would you still choose an Android?

      I’ve played with several variants, starting with the original G1 and Android is nice, but there’s still something about the iPhone and iOS that feels better. Maybe it’s because I am a mac user to begin with.

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      • JohnP says:

        I personally use an Android phone and probably always will. I bought it because I get an employee discount at Motorola. I used to be an Apple fanboy before they switched to Intel processors. Then they screwed me over with several hardware defects and poor customer service on my G4 powerbook. I’ve given up on Apple.

        I agree that iOS is a great platform and the iphone 4 is surely an amazing piece of hardware with great software to back it up. But unfortunately, I don’t like Apple as a company or as a culture. Steve Jobs exemplifies the arrogance and smugness that I found at the core of Apple (pun intended).

        I use a lot of Google services and their integration into my phone will win me over over any pretty interface or status symbol.

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  2. AR says:

    One of my friends got an HTC phone with Android (don’t know the model) a couple of weeks ago, but when I called him today he informed me that he now had an iPhone 4! He said he had problems with his HTC so he switched it for an iPhone at an ATT store. And now he can’t see himself going back. A lot of times, it isn’t about status symbol, as it is about user-friendliness and intuitive interface.

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    • iPhoneKiller816 says:

      sounds like he just got a crappy phone if you ask me. HTC does not make very good phones…if you were a good friend you would have told him to stick with the big ones…Samsung, Motorola. instead you let him downgrade…i dont think iOS allows you to group apps into individual folders…User Interface/User Friendliness my ass.

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  3. coreyb says:

    I think the biggest reason people choose the iPhone so prevalently is the fact that there is a consistency of experience on the iPhone and of Apple products in general that is not really seen in other platforms. One does not have to relearn how to interact with the device or its software. It may seem like a small insignificant element, but people subconsciously will go out of their way to not have to figure out the finer points of the most basic things.

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    • JohnP says:

      I hear this touted a lot by people but they never provide any example. It sounds like you are saying people are too stupid or lazy to learn how to use anything new. Well, the iPhone hasn’t existed forever so they had to learn at some point. While iOS is designed to be similar to OS X, this doesn’t account for the large number of people who use Windows and have an iPhone. Macs are in the significant minority of computer users. So where is this “consistency of experience” taking place?

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      • Cody says:

        Because of iTunes and iPods.

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      • jd says:

        I think that “consistency of experience” means that iOS looks exactly the same on all iPhones (unless they are hacked), but android phones can look and act differently depending on the software that the phone manufacturers (Motorola, HTC) use on top of the android platform.

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  4. jae ti says:

    You forgot to list the obvious reason: they haven’t gotten to try an android based phone on a better network.

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  5. Buster says:

    There are so many reasons the iPhone is #1

    However one of the best is that I bought a 3gs over 1 year ago and Sold it on ebay for $489 ($189) More than what I paid for it a year ago. and its used.. Very USED!!

    I was able to buy the iPhone 4 for free and put some money in my pocket.

    I looked at the android phones that where being offered a year ago (My touch/G1/etc) none of them could get even 1/3 their original price/value.

    Wow with a statistic like that.. You have to ask yourself.. There’s something about an iPhone that the others just cant measure up too.

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    • Cody says:

      That logic is so flawed is almost makes me want to weep with pity for you.

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      • AaronTheYoung says:

        Flawed logic? He sold it for more than he bought it for. What’s flawed about that? People want the phone, used or not, and are willing to pay big bucks for it. Using this change in value alone, one must logically conclude, there must be something about the phone that would raise it’s value.

        His conclusion is sound.

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        • LoveLove says:

          People are just blinded enough to believe the iPhone has things other phones don’t have. Android phones are far better than iPhones ever were.People are paying big bucks for the BRAND ! Oh Apple’s so great, Apple makes the best phone ever ! Which is false ! Ask yourself why people are making jailbreaks over the iPhone, because it lacks MANY MANY things other phones (such as Android) have already gotten from the start.

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          • swizop says:

            The funny thing is even when they jailbreak it, it still doesn’t have flash. How do they expect to use all of the web without flash HTML 5? Ya right give me a break.

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  6. Pink Frankenstein says:

    The main reason that I chose an iPhone over any other phone was that it easily synced with my computer, a Mac.

    At the time of the release of the iPhone, there was no, easy, intelligent way to sync a phone with the computer. People still have endless battles with Blackberries, but the iPhone was always plug and play for Mac users. I didn’t have to dumb down my information to make it work with the device.

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    • LoveLove says:

      I don’t need iTunes to sync my phone if I want to (Because I’ve got Android 🙂 ) Just drag and drop things in it like if it was an USB key ! That’s it. iTunes makes syncing process so long and you can’t even see what’s in your phone except for photographs in the “My Computer” window.

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  7. Bill says:

    For me the top 4 reasons are as follows…

    1) Seamless integration. Syncing my Media, Mail, Address Book, and iCal is a no-brainer. I’m not interested in having to wait for 3rd party companies to restore syncing capabilities, every time Apple updates their apps.

    2) Well built and well designed hardware. Not perfect as the antenna flaw showed, but above average. BTW, I was fine with using a case – that was always my plan anyway. My iPhone 4 has worked great, I’m not disappointed in the slightest.

    3) Apple’s track record… Any problems that I have ever had with Apple products are few and far between. In my experience Apple has always stood behind their stuff, sometimes even after the warrantee has expired.

    4) Maintain the investment that I have made in Apps and iTunes DRM protected Music.

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  8. Phil Bond says:

    No, no, no. It’s the interface.

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  9. voteferpedro says:

    Most sheeple like iPhones. Of course most of those sheeple have no idea what to do with them beyond making a call and fart apps. I have been inundated since the first iPhone with questions from iPhone users on how to use it. Biggest Issues. How do they get their pics off their phone and on to their Windows machine and how do they get music without having to use the bloated and slow iTunes.

    All those I know who actually can do more than email and facebook use Android. Business uses Blackberry. iPhone is just a status symbol and not much more. Same people who are getting iPhones were getting Sidekicks when they were new.

    Walled gardens can be pretty. Some of us just know that we can get out and there are better and free options outside of it.

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    • LoveLove says:

      I perfectly agree with you. People I know who have got iPhones do nothing more than Facebook and SMS, and calls at times. People don’t even know how things work in there. And there are so many apps that I downloaded and stopped using the day after because they were unnecessary. No apps can customize the way you use your fun like Android apps can. How is it a plus to have more apps than Android Market if 75% of them are crappy ? Huh !

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  10. Jorge says:

    I think that people buy iphones because they dont know any better. They follow the hype basically iphone is to put it nicely a dumb persons phone from limited multitasking to no flash on web pages to propriatery software to acess it on pc, to no tethering without extra cost.Il stick with my n900 a small linux based tablet till something better comes out.

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    • LoveLove says:

      iPhone was made for people stupid enough to follow Apple’s more-than-common habits for proprietary devices and interfaces. I cannot understand people who say iPhones are way better than Androids are. People are not realizing how much potential from their phone they are loosing choosing iPhones.

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  11. jermaine wright says:

    what i think apple should do is to come up with a mini portable keyboard for the apple iphone it would be so reliable and i think it would make customers really happy about it so apple think about it and see where it goes.

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  12. Scott Johnson says:

    If you like apple you’re safe with the iOS in that it’s functionality won’t change drastically after each release. With Android phones there are so many manufacturers making so many different “flavors,” I guess you would say, that you will probably be cracking that user manual every time you get a different “Android Powered” phone.

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  13. jarilla says:

    1. Successful advertising where the masses can feel some how exclusive.
    Despite it being mostly a toy it presents itself as a phone for adults…. who like toys. it is a status symbol as sure as having a dishwasher once was. neither one really has any more genuinely useful features that the first version.

    2. After sales; yes those apps might be as pointless as inviting ke$ha to a budget meeting at Deutschebank but those peenies rolling in at least prevent your most boring friends from those awkward silences as their brains run out of small talk. At least now you’ll know as they play ‘Angry Birds’ that they’re enjoying a level of mental taxation above generating baseline static noises. Our descendents are going to be thrilled at how much Apple contributed to the world, bearing in mind that Motorola, Nokia et al already did all the heavy lifting concerning mobile phone development.

    3. Making simple things…. simpler. Well not particularly. I mean huge diaries and filofaxes weren’t exactly loathed by the public nor were they as easily lost as iphones are ( don’t know anyone who’s one their first one) People used to remember what things they had. I mean, jesus, is that meeting important enough to remember or not?!? I mean anniversaries are one thing but birthdays? work? remembering to buy milk? are we to believe that people have become so feckless that we ahve to tell our phones – who are evidently more trustworthy than ourselves to remind us? So what if you forget to do any of the above? it’s not like the consequences are going to be dire!
    It’s not like buying insulin or……life insurance or…….pick up my daughter from the chemotherapy unit is it?
    I mean i could commit all three to memory if they were real and important. I mean if i was forcing my downtrodden assistant Marjorie (she’s not real) to do it and Marjorie (not real) had a really bad meth problem (sounds funny coz it’s so uncommon in Britain, we hate to make our own drugs!) or Alzheimers or she wanted me dead with no payout to my cancer ridden daughter then iphone with siri is ideal.
    All in all it makes easy things easier in some respects, but i’m not sure humanity needs an easier way to talk, or void its bowels or plan days that really are bound my ordinary social conventions.

    ‘What does my day look like’
    ‘Ridiculous, your day consists of two meetings. You’ve obviously forgot to put the rest in’

    ‘Remember to buy milk’
    ‘Yes good point, because despite being in a city you actually like 12,000 miles away from anywhere that sells one of the most common goods on the planet’

    ‘Will i need to take an umbrella?’
    ‘Only if rain causes you to melt or you’re too stupid to tell what rain is and you go outside rather than staying indoors if and when it does rain.’

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  14. Sam says:

    i hate android because it steal other tech interlectudl

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    • lizzie says:

      i prefer apple over andrioid any day. i think the layout on an iphone is so much more reliable and better. i have gave both phones a chance and still like apple a lot more than android. some people prefer android,but not me. and android phones to me or HTC is way too big. some of them are so big that they can be considered a mini/7-inch tab.TOO BIG!

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  15. Jess says:

    I was really considering buying a iphone before I bought my bold 9900 but I changed my mind because the thing that annoys me the most about apple products is that you cannot see what is actually on your device unless it is music pictures or videos and althought my phone isn’t a computer Iif I am going to buy a smartphone I would like to be able to store and see what files are on my device… Also I do not like that you cannot expand the memory on iphones not everyone knows how much memory is going to work for them and I especially hate that the iphone doesn’t have a removable battery my fix for everything when my phone won’t work is taking the battery out and it is so frustrating when I cannot do that.. I do not want to have to send the phone to apple for a problem I could just fix by removing the battery.. The lack of personalization was a big one for me.. I know its not a big deal but the look of a phone is important to me and I like a phone that looks different… I have no options with the iphone no matter what model you have they look pretty much the same..

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