Amazon Kindle outsold paperbacks early

Today we have an interesting news from Amazon store. According to Amazon, the sell of ebooks has surpassed the sell of paperback editions. Even they are surprised too, they never imagined that it will happen before the Spring but during the holiday’s rush, Amazon saw 115 kindle ebook sold to every 100 paperback edition, as said by UberGizmo. They have not disclosed the number of Kindle gadgets sold during this period other than saying its figure is in Millions.

Still the path is so long. Digital books still have to travel a long way to surpass the sell of paperback and hardcover together. Remember there are many other ebook readers available made by other Company’s. Another interesting fact is that Amazon shipped around 1.14 Millions Kindles devices in the summer and currently its covers 41.5% of the total market share of pure ebook readers whereas Apple iPad has got 87.4% of the total tablet market share before the Samsung Galaxy Tab was released.

The other different pure ebook reader manufacturers include Pandigital which got 16.1% of market share, Barnes and Noble got 15.4% of the total share followed by other manufacturer Sony, Hanvon and others.

According to Barnes and Noble, Nook Color has became a top best selling item in the company history. For those who don’t know, Nook Color has 2GB inbuilt memory that can be expandable upto 16GB by using microSD card. It is available in two variants one is WiFi based priced at $149 and other has WiFi plus 3G priced at $199 whereas Amazon Kindle 3G plus Wifi is available for $189(that’s $10 cheaper). Nook may use it as a Audio player and it has 3.5 color touchscreen.

Similarly Pandigital Novel readers are available in different sizes and the prices are around $199.

This market is getting more and more hot with the entry of so many tablets too. Pure ebook readers are also facing direct competition from Tablets manufacturer. Lets see who will going to win this race.

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