Chopsticks based iPad stand


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You own a best tablet device and you have paid a hefty amount for it. But do you know you may actually get a good looking stable stand just from 13 Chopsticks(they are absolutely free or cost  very little).

The stand is a beautiful gift from Human imagination. If you are planning to watch a movie along with your friends or family members then you actually need a desktop cradle that may hold your tablet.

It is made using the 13 Chopsticks, a drill (to make a small hole), a bolt(to keep these sticks stable and intact) and some wooden glue(to stick them together). That’s all. All these stuff are really very cheap.

So you have to perform just 6 steps and instructions are easier to follow. Well its good piece of creativity. Anyway you may buy other cheap stands available in the market start as low as just $2.

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  1. Cool stand. Cheap and useful.

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  2. Ayush Chand says:

    Very creative 🙂

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