Cowon D3 MP3 available for Pre Order

Today we have a Google Android based MP3 player. You have seen Android Mobile phones and tablet but this time, its a D3 MP3 audio player from Cowon.

The design is sleek and sexy just like a mobile phone. The screen size is 3.7” AMOLED one. This is same screen type in use by Google Nexus S phone. The player supports 1080 pixel video playback(very high quality), WiFi connectivity, T-DMB, FM tuner like every other MP3 gadget, speaker, Bluetooth and recording capability. So there are many different ways to connect your MP3 player to your PC The sound quality is awesome with many effects like surround, 3D and more.

It has everything like a phone but just lacks the phone making capabilities. The D3 will be available from Mid February. But the price is quite high £279.00 and you can preorder here.

But personally I feel getting more buyers is somehow difficult for Cowon because you may actaully get a good quality Android phone with MP3 player features at this price. But still there are many true Music lovers.

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