Facebook acquired FB.com by paying millions


Well, today we have another news from Facebook side. As you know recently, Facebook acquired FB.com. Suppose if you try from your web browser it redirect you to the Facebook homepage but actually it is made for messages, SMS and chat services.

But do you know How much Facebook paid for the FB.com domain name? Well it’s $8.5 million dollars, according to reuters. That’s a huge amount of money. The name was originally held by American Farm Bureau Federation.

“The Farm Bureau agreed to sell us fb.com and we in return have agreed not to sell farm subsidies,” Zuckerberg said in an account on techcrunch.com.

This sale was held last year but the acquisition price was completely a suspense. But there is no connection between famous Zynga Farmville game and the Farm associates. Another interesting thing is that, now you don’t have to type Facebook.com in your browser, you may just write FB.

Well, we, people were already using FB (acronym) during our friends chit chat (like a shortcut form) even before this deal. But still the .org(still owned by American Farm Bureau and a house of other 6 Millions members) and .net FB names are managed by different owners. Anyway that will not be a problem and it will not affect its market and brand presence around the world.

According to Mashable, FB.com will used as a email service by its 1400+ employees staff. This news is a bit old, so there is a possibility that the employees might already be using the FB.com emails.

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