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This time Google is ready to capture the smart phone market with their new Nexus S model. No doubt it uses Google Android OS 2.3 version (that powers many other competitor phones too). You must have heard about Nexus one that was launched a year ago but it had some issues. Ubergizmo has published very deep report based on its features and capabilities. Lets have a look.


Acc. to Hubert, The front panel is free from logo and it has some touch buttons. The Samsung Google logo is present at the backside and the back panel is glossy shiny type. The micro USB port is present at the bottom next to the audio jack. The bottom audio jack is something not favorable and if you want to listen songs then you have to kept your phone upside down in your shirt or trouser pocket. It weighs around 130gm that’s pretty light.


The screen has Samsung Super AMOLED 480×800 pixels and it is 4” diagonally. AMOLED uses more power to show white image than black image.

Android 2.3 The GingerBread

The main thing about the new Nexus is its Android OS which has brought many new changes.

App Manager- It keep tracks of all the installed applications and you manage them from here.

New Keyboard- It has added a new square based keys.

Copy Paste- Better way to select the text and easy way to paste it somewhere else. Android 2.3 has improved a lot. Now it shows a marker to show the selected text.

Power management- This time Android will better keep track of your phone power. Now you can see the power usage by the apps.

Basic Operations

The phone app is available on the screen and really easy to access. You can make calls easily and numbers are big enough.


The phone doesn’t support 4G network yet. It has WiFi, Bluetooth+EDR and NFC too. So connectivity is not big issue.


The voice quality is very good and it can even work at a very weak network too.

More things are Good web browsing, excellent performance of Adobe Flash and easy way to edit Google Docs files.

There are many more things you must read a complete review and more features on the ubergizmo blog. Its a very good read.

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