HTC Aria updated to Froyo


Now you may enjoy the latest version of Google Android on your phone- The Froyo. It is now available over AT&T network.

Now How to update the firmware version? First you must take the backup of Files, Images, Contacts and all necessary things installed on your phone. Then you may go ahead to the HTC Aria page and download the latest version.

Content present on your memory card will remain safe and all other downloaded applications from the marketplace are linked to Gmail account and can be easily restored later.

New Froyo features are-

App Sharing– Allows you to easily share your applications.

Latitude– You can share your location with friends.

Navigation– GPS navigation system.

News and Weather- View weather climate.

Places– Google services to easily restaurant, hospital and other things.

and much more.

The download size is about 165MB and please read the instructions carefully before performing the ROM updating.

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  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Is this update also available for HTC Merge? Suggest me.

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  2. Lucian says:

    It seems that HTC are the only ones who upgrade their phones. Shame for LG and Samsung

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