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Today we are back with another HTC gadget. This time we have HTC Flyer, a new tablet that will be powered by Android OS. Note- The information or features listed below might get change. But it will give you a broad idea about Flyer.

Amobil has recently released its specification(based on some sources). The screen size is 7” inches and it has 1024×600 pixels. It is just like Samsung Galaxy, so its a competitor. Further, Flyer will use Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor. The image is blurred too, we have to wait for some more time.

HDMI- It has support for HDMI and this tablet will going to have a HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) 3G that will provide him good speed and fast data transfer over the network.

Video Call- The front panel camera is 1.3 megapixel and allows you to make video calls to your dear ones. Rear panel has 5 megapixel camera along with LED flash light and face recognition technique. You can’t use normal GSM network for making calls. It will use its inbuilt Skype software that will manage all the calls.

Android- It is still a doubt whether HTC engineers will use Android 2.3 or the latest version 3.0(Honeycomb) but it will be powered by a Android variant. So its a suspense.

Another news, according to sources is that HTC has made small improvements in the sense technology that will offer a “desktop feel”.

The competition is getting more and more tough with the release of so many gadgets. A 10” inches Apple iPad is under development so it will be a good competitor too. But right now it looks like Flyer has a direct competition with Samsung Galaxy tab.

More competition means more features and decrease in the price tag too so its beneficiary for the end user.

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