HTC's New Android 4G Smartphones On Their Way

Today we have some great news for all mobile lovers. HTC has launched some new 4G models to enhance its phone army. The two latest mobiles include ThunderBolt and Evo Shift.

With these new releases, now HTC have six 4G technology enabled phones (which includes G2 and MyTouch) that will help you to do anything (yes we mean that) you want.

ThunderBolt will be made available on Verizon network whereas Evo Shift can be used on At&T and Sprint.

Lets look into the ThunderBolt specification and its features. The model comes with 8 Megapixel camera and video Skype mobile pre installed. That’s not all. It has 4.3 inch High Definition screen. So you will experience crystal quality just like a LCD TV. Guess what, if you are music freak then you don’t have to buy any other instrument. Your phone has RockBand(offered by Verizon wireless) so you can play drum guitar or anything. You may read ebooks.

thunderbolt-verizon-Support-1353Some other features are preinstalled 32 GB microSD memory card with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. Here is the first video preview from MobileCrunch.

According to MobileCrunch, Evo Shift is just another T-Mobile in different dress. The Qwerty keypad is quite good and keys are placed nicely.

All phones will run Android powered OS. The release date has not been declared yet.

Here is the first image of the new releases (via Mashable) –

HTC New Phones

You can preregister it at Verizon Wireless LTE site. There you can leave your email to get latest updates about availability or any other details. I am sure you people must be thinking What can I do with 4G. You may download song in 4 seconds, upload photo in 6 seconds to social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. Play amazing exciting multiplayer games along with others. That’s not all. It means complete speed in your hand.

It is made for all types of user whether a Businessman or a simple office guy.

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