iPad 2 will have 1 MP rear camera

This time we got a news regarding iPad 2. But this news has not been confirmed yet so still its a rumor. 9to5mac posted an interesting post regarding the 1MP rear camera feature.

ipad2 camera

According to them, Apple will end up by adding a low megapixel camera to its long awaited iPad 2 gadget. Well these 9to5mac people found through the Apple SDK(software development kit). So you will be able to record 720p size video(that’s very low size and quality will be low too). The front panel carries a VGA camera and it will support photo shooting and video recording.

K94 is the codename for iPad2(according to some sources). They(9to5mac) also checked couple of icons and it they found that there will be a less change in the resolution.

Anyway people are discussing this feature on their blog post but I personally feel that 1 MP camera was a past and now even standard mobile phones carry a good high quality camera. I believe that this rumor will remain a rumor. I can’t even imagine a big company like Apple adding a so low camera. Hard to believe. Lets wait for its launch and the whole story will gets cleared itself.

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