iPhone and iPad will get a Dual core Graphics


Today Mashable has posted a post regarding Apple iPad and iPhone future version, actually its not a post but a rumor. According to this, The future version of iPhone & iPad will have a A4 chip with a dual-core graphics processing unit that will enable users to view extremely High Definition(even beyond that) content on their devices.

Most probably they will use a SGX543 GPU built by Imagination Technologies. But it is still a rumor and nothing is confirm yet. Another news from Mashable is that-

iPad 2 will have a much higher resolution screen than its predecessor.

The SGX543 graphics chip will be used along with dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and it will make iPad a very powerful strong gadget device that will be able to do many other tasks than its predecessor along with playing extremely super quality HD video.


The main and unique feature of SGX543 is that if you will run the device at 200 MHz then it will deliver 35 million polygons per second and filtrate of 1 billion pixels per second.

Another good thing about SGX543 is that it supports Apple-Backed OpenCL specifications so it means it is compatible with Apple devices and it will offer a good performance to the device.

Appleinsider has posted a long story representing the complete picture and all the features in the much more details.

Some broad points are – This graphic chip will not only enhance games but also video processing that includes dynamic encoding decoding process. And this will allow Apple to easily upgrade to HDMI port.

Second is The SGX543 core is so powerful that it can run parallel as many as 16 cores together. And many more things.

So its look like boon for Apple gadgets. I think they are gearing up to beat other competitors specially recent 4G mobile releasing companies.

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  1. This would truly enhance the video gaming quality on iPhone… and iPad… that’s be nice.

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