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We are back again with some more amazing gadgets from CES 2011 show. This time we have KNO, a nice looking tablet with some unexceptional features. Basically its a device made for school and college going students.

So it helps you to read books, write text, highlight important passage, supports web browsing and much more. The screen size of this super amazing tablet is 14” inch (diagonally) and you can access popular web services like Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and much more. You can even store your classroom notes and other documents references. KNO developers have created a math page that shows it is actually cheaper than the text book (in terms of 4 years education).

It has virtual keyboard and note taking pen for writing. Long battery with built-in WiFi, anti-glare screen, video playback, microphone jack with noise reduction technology, supports adobe flash files and supports PDF files too. It has Ubuntu OS and fitted with Dual-core ARM© Cortex™-A9 MPCore™.

Let’s talk about the prices. It is available in two variants one is single and other is double screen(just like an open notebook) with 16 GB or 32 GB memory storage space. Single screen 16GB KNO tablet with stylus is priced at $599 whereas 32 GB is $699. Similarly double sided 16 GB is priced at $899 and 32 GB is $999 (that’s almost $1000).

It comes with one year limited warranty and 30 days money back return policy(in case if you don’t like the product). They have placed a large amount of good books based on different subjects like Mathematics, Business, Computers, Reference and much more. All books are from renowned Authors and Publishers.

That’s not all, it has good collection of accessories too like screen clip, AC charging adapter, stylus and more. It has in-bulit apps for reading, writing and browsing. More apps are still on the way.

If your are a software developer then you may join their development team too. That’s a good way to become a part of legendary gadget.

So its a good choice for those who loves to read :-).

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  1. wow. this is a tablet that I’m actually interested in. If only I was still in college…
    I’d prefer to buy this rather than the apple iPad because i find this one more useful.
    I just hope the handwriting gets translated to a computer format text because my penmanship looks like it was written from hell.

    I just hope the students who decides to buy this tablet uses this tablet for school and not for browsing their twitter and facebook account. lol

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