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Whenever we go to a seminar or some big fair, we usually see the big TV or køb kamagra Monitors hanging on the wall. Well there are many different companies who make wall video display devices but LG has made something which is actually very thin and light in weight.

We are talking about new LG 47WV30 47” inch monitor(that’s huge enough). This LED based monitor provides perfect video quality, thanks to its narrow bezel technology. It has 6.9 mm seam size that’s very thin. It produces perfect quality picture even in outdoors where the brightness as high as  4,000 lux. They have used a very superior technology.

It uses LED BLU which is more superior to LCD and saves more energy and offers lighting quality. The devices is perfect for shopping malls, corporate fairs or big companies. I think now other companies should also make something more slim.

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  1. Very nice monitor, but I think it would be better if for such big monitors, they will use the OLED technology, instead of this led technology. With OLED, you will not have this square parts on the monitors, which creates the impression of it being 9 monitors united into one big monitor.

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